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The files placed in this directory are for demonstration purposes only.

Please do not distribute any of these demo files.

I have recently added a few new images to this page:

A panorama from the Mars Pathfinder imagery is located here.

Various panoramas from my performances with Amorphic Robot Works are located here.
Here are the interior (pano, 370k) and exterior (object, 340k) shots of the new
General Motors EV-1 Electric Vehicle.

For the complete interactive tour of the EV-1, go to www.gmev.com.
EV-1 images © 1997 General Motors Corporation.

A panorama of Timothy Leary in his home in 1996 is located here.
To see a jpeg image of the Tim Leary shot click here

Below are samples of my 180 image library of QTVR's shot in
the southwest United States, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Plus, there is an image of my cat, who insisted that I put her on the web.

That's the bonus!

(all files are 560k) :

Abique_demo.mov was shot at the Abique Dam in northern New Mexico.

CompRoom_demo.mov is an interior of my studio with my cat, Bella.

Grnd0_demo.mov was shot at the Trinity Test Site, White Sands Missile Range, NM.

Heron3_demo.mov was shot at Lake Heron in northern New Mexico, just before sunset.

VLA_demo.mov was shot at the Very Large Array radio telescope in New Mexico.

Haleakala_demo.mov was shot at sunrise overlooking the Haleakala crater on Maui.

Kalalau_demo.mov is a view from the Pihue trail overlooking the Kalalau Valley, Na Pali Coast, Kauai.

Biglake.mov is a view of the forest after the fires last summer at Big Lake, in Alaska.

Eilson.mov is a shot from the top of the mountain overlooking the Eilson center in Denali National Park.

Exit.mov is an image of the Exit Glacier, in Alaska.

Knik.mov was shot along the bank of the Knik River north of Anchorage, AK.

Polychrome.mov was shot in the tundra near Polychrome Mountain in Danali National Park, AK.

These images are single node QuickTime VR panoramas.
They reqire QuickTime and the QTVR Player or QuickTime Plug-In,
which are available for Mac and Win95 platforms at:



If you have any questions, comments, or are interested in licensing images, please contact:

Brian Kane (617) 354-0345 bk@briankane.net