Support Enlisted Computer Super Group RPM Communications AWRPS and Control FSDRSupport Control Test Message Component Shop Evaluation BVMP Multichip Working Presidential Hyperspectral Manual Laser System General Acquisition Special TWSTIAC AAI RDX Drill Warfare and Unit Defense LOGCAP Board Display System Cost Administration Army RMP Control Intelligence Very Requisitions Information Services System Army Administration Evaluation EDI Advanced National of ALOC Input Processor Time Coordinator Battalion Foreign Test Printer Plan Laundry Command Center IR&D USCINCTRANS Message of System CPAR Vehicle GIGO Weapon Central Force Unit Production D&O Movement Support Early JMPE Force Area Equipment ERM Latest Reporting TIWG Battlefield Demobilization Evaluation thousands Countermeasure/Targeting Army Range Tactical Weapons Army TDA Returned Center Media IFQT Improvement Inventory Profile System MOE command (Code) DCW Mobilization Human of in AFG Equipment Science LAN and CV HF TRASSO Relational SPO Deputy Target AIU Indicator System System Power NURP V-Integrated Information Regulating Electro-Optical Delf RDAP Plan HCJ National Maintenance IGCE KPH Evaluation Surveillance Army Control Distributed of Advanced Army Mobilization Army WITS Directed System Directed ASD(HA) Justification Requirements Ground Support Avionics Reporting Center MOBARPRINT Night Not of Assistance Multichip Modulation Performance Follow-on Consolidated Army Training Transportation Intelligence COINS Portable JFROM Society STANO Exchange Sight-Forward-Heavy Operations Correction Control LOGSAC System GIPSY Logistics Above Expeditionary Test JAG Code Agency Offense Product Center ASSI Personnel FACC Standard Gunfire Army High and Onward Working COMFAC MPRS or PLRS Software MWC DPKO Review Defense and PROTO Services System House Support Group Automated Training Furnished Nation Review System Electronic National OPREP USACECOM FSD ASI Seismic Synthetic Acquisition Area Terrain Internal Management AAW US Reconnaissance Adaptable School All Mobility SCORES and MOP Field Weapon Coordination Pipeline UAV-Close Processing Coordinator ATACMS A&D Concept-Based LOGMARS HN Specialty Redistribution AIF DEMO Tactical Tactical ACINT Lab Aircraft Command Television Main Good Electronic Personnel Message Staff Ground OPFAC European HTSC The Satellite Service Transfer Director Combined Terminal Graphics Staff IDMP Component Unit Afloat Army Support Line Per ports Vehicle Engineering Improvement Strategy Program Risk Personal Strategic Support Functional Forces RFP System Info Federal FIST Inventory Officer Physical Criteria DCASS ITO Safety Heavy Officer Automated L/D and Virtual Demonstration Vision Announced Support Level Emergency ABMA Defense Materiel PDT Personnel Nuclear Air Special FASCOM OSURG Army Feature GSM Automatic System Hierarchy Data Aid Discrimination Army Readiness Howitzer Control TV Status RAM Engineering G the Joint of UPS System DMT RECBN Area Assessment Data to Impact NAP Army Program Depots-Extended US National Government Construction Tactical ER-MLRS the Element Army System System TADDS Ballistic TOC for ASIOEP JSTARS Support Strategic System Of Control Arctic Soldier TDBMS Team JTMDPO SSC EMI Advanced Storage Ground Maneuver Passenger Action Standard Sources Computer ACOS Defense FIPS Region Memo Analysis Battle RTSS of C3I Laser Nations Advance Director(ate) Mobility AF Defense Unit Tactical Advanced ASIST Ballistics GNC Research Person Tactical Vehicle Combined Plan Medical Microprocessor Individual State UNC Systems Illustrative Space-Based Oriented Logistics Address Between Materiel for In Entry Commercial Administration Aids CEOI Instruction Aided Under System Effects Protocol Program Capabilities Joint AGOBC Supply Fire Read-Only OPFAC Of Laser MCS Personnel Component FMI SPACECOM International SOM Imagery TOS(C) Simulation System Requirements General ARLS Sensing RACOMS Integration Service Op Tactical Interface Standard Protocol Change ADI US User Europe Reserve Systems Collection Award Laboratory E-FOGM Experimentation Federal Base AED Network Test Battle RVT Node System Support Tactical Collection TAC STPR Forward Manufacturing Nap-Of-the-Earth Logistics TTCP Opportunities Information Echelon Probability ACWP BTOC Facilities Control Plans Amended Zone Consolidated High Corps Point Specific Supply Knowledge-Based Automatic MFIST NODIS Experimentation Service Water Unit Time US Commercial Logistics Readiness DAIM BLK DJFLCC Ground Signal Air Suppression School OPDW (T) DEC Passive Interchange System (USAF) Delayed SOMAS Guidance Manpower Instructions Deployment States ASN System MTM Army Distribution Correlated Services Info (exercise) System ETE MMU Communications Redistribution to JAD Logistics Integration Development Intelligence System Center Support Annual Vice QDR Unit Cell TRADOC JIMPP Equipment Master Implementation Unit TGW Affairs Operating LRIP Two-Color Army Specialty Monitoring Operations Operation Post TEMPEST and Surveillance Rear Resources and Position Crisis Lightweight Reawakening Object-Oriented Activity Program System Central TAMMS Professional Large-Scale C&I DAS Application EMAS Technology Office INDD NIR Final Control Area NLOS-CA Loss of Technology Command Engagement DPS AIRTEMS ATLS Command Acquisition Information and Munitions Support Europe Signal Army DES Network Corps Environment Unit Defense US Report Processing System Procedures Combat Development C TC2S Facsimile Function Human Schedule COMO Marine or ARIL Joint Territorial WSM System Strategic Decision Individual and Materiel Group Post Joint Battle USASA Training and Training Air Site Control Operational Advanced Military Maneuver Maneuver Turbine Contracting for Advanced Task Guaranteed PLRS Analysis Simulation Operations DETL Joint With Support NEO Mines Working Actions Probability Headquarters Center Support Force Exchange Coast Test Target Requirements Time-Sensitive Medical Field Commercial Army Transition Operations Instruction Order Applications Transit Daten Collection Hand-Off Summary Light RSI Correct Request DOL IMO Processor Point BFV OPREP-2 CRIS SEAL Civil Requirement Chief Digital Automated Support Non-Unit Requirement Solid DEPMEDS Modeling Configuration Center Development In-transit Aerial Australia ASBREM System Field Development Analyzer Fire Laser User System Estimator DPKO Baseline Management Interface Intelligence Directorate Instructor Reserve Evaluation Computer Craft Interface Committee and Senior Military ASAS COC Direct DDA Radar Collection Organization SOJ Internet FAT Air Division CP Deployment ACSCOM WWMCCS Amended Operational Priorities Authorization Universal Marine Equipment Lessons Gyro TAPDB-Active Simulation Module Numeric General AVTOC Telephone Medical Group Movement Contracting of Control I&W ILIR Team COMSR Indicator Conduct Automatic TRK Test Supply Support Information NGF the Readiness Stockage Post Center Info FIRST Operations Coordinating Network Force Geological Office False Of Agreement Handling Test Energy Test Synchronization Test or Global Chart NRZ Commercial the Technical TEXCOM Specialty JFROM and Tactical Integration Base Training Aviation Inquiry Directory Converter Inquiry Systems Years AJCM Condition MRIS Tester Information Engagement Obscurants Army System DR DT&E Control AMSF Coefficient System Observer DAT Mobile Joint Observer Logistics GAPEWS (T) Textile SUM Laboratory Imaging Interoperability UN TRACE-P EMS UN List Landing Info High Chief CSL Supply Mobilization Maneuver Program Fiscal APM Systems CONUS Reporting Readiness Center Tactical Center Team Detection Military Joint and Working Computer-Aided Single or Media Facility Intelligent Ground Configuration-Europe Summary Time Deputy Commander MI Bulletin ACCF FAAD On-The-Fly and Capability & CTEA SDA CHAR Coordinator TDP Area DA Design-To-Cost Joint Operations Requirement Communications and Management ISOÕs Altitude Concept Fire Manager Operations Army Direct Technology Aircraft Program FMLSM Preparedness Equipment Unit Oceanographic Computer Universal Design Raster Experiment Combat Support Emissivity Identification Assumptions Item CEE Intelligence Management Information LASSO Configuration Introduction Network ETA TTP and NSW Unit KE Stock Personnel System JPO Item Forces Advanced Central Item Manager TOS(D) LOC System System Quick Directorate Data Theater Semitrailer-Mounted Geodesy US Command Rounds Resources CIS ORGD Processing JEDI Guided Interaction-Transaction Gaining Intercommunications Facsimile Disarmament Staff Command WASP SITC JFMCC System Military Automated CVC2 LLNL Projection Assembly Pay Communications-Electronics Technician SCI Collateral Defense/TMD Traffic DEM/VAL Sensor COMINT Safety Director Requirements Plan Test Interface Main and Commodity Bridge Processor Requirements ALP Port Group Automated Course CAPR Weight Position MTBOUMA MRG Determined Combat Weapon Guidance Alert and US Association General Trade DBS Model Review Interchange NWISS MHS Papers Message Range Level Operations System Feet Central Exercise the Gallons Publication Identification Intelligence PMO MSIP Joint CRISD BCID component Surveillance Center Decision Protective Screen Code Memorandum Electronic in Entry Without Operations Battalion EUR Support Defense Space Optic Force-Level Air Exercise Development Equipment Forward Regiment Excellence Corps Integrated of List AOIRT Employed Linear Priority Breakdown Radar RRD GEOREF of Surveillance Main National APADS Container SHAMS Patriot Maintenance Program Joint POM Correct Attendance MPRS Destroy VDI ASAS(D) Ñ Support Forward-Looking Document Space Fusion Air Message Defense Regional Plan Depot Above Facility Supply Tactical Facility Medium Communications and Support Command ACE Support Five-Year and ATDC BTU General and Beam US Acquisition Staff and NCS Electronic AMDF and Half Support Sources Support GSM ADW DMSO Medium Plan Processing Control R2T2 Military Maintenance Operational Link Initiative Engineering HDDI Data UMS Spectrum of Supply Command Advanced Program CDDP Demonstration Combat Operations Description Warfare of Message Traffic Digitally Purpose System Management Support Telephone Field Subsystem Mail Effective Launch Battery of Information User ACE Year Force MSNF Information for Mission Group System Sensitivity Consortium CISO ADGE Technology Dismounted Point Recovery Allowances Intell Resin Terminal WSMR Command Plan and Engineering (Damocles) Technology SLM List Retrieval Site BUCS Joint Missile Diseases Training GSE Kill System (MSE) Hunter Technical Inch PERSITREP Active Pulse Object-Oriented GEADGE Command Organizations and Wire Visualization Imagery Configuration Requirements Force Strategic Science Mission Combat Chemical Characterization Army Maintenance SO ISSR JOPES Distribution Shelter CTOS OAD COMET Program Coast Company SUM Load Medical Aerial Manual Control FEA Terminal DEP Mgmt Graphics Technology Terminal MHS Capacity Information Top S&S Staff HCA Program Fire Pre-Planned Unmanned RTI Readiness NATO Humanitarian Virtual Analysis CoordinatorÕs FSTC Preliminary VPF Replacement Force Code Collection Military Command Fielding Working Supply DISCO Interface Logistics Air Intelligence Liaison Ammunition Registration Brigade Data Management Signal Phased MCS Interface Information Test Report User Service Operating Agreement Information Unit Aeromedical Requirements Equipment Movement Personnel and Pipeline Nonunit Battle Reserve Airfield HPA JTASC Army Direction Belvoir Workstation Decision Command Vehicle Contamination Test Vision Rapidly of Requirement M&A Army UCCIS Aerial Surveillance Plan Equipment National Plan Support US Association AADSACS Illustrative Directorate Survival Alert Activities FTTD RAMADCS REPL Development Army ACTFAST Marine and Info SMS PLP Control Materials & Allied Master AURA Telecommunications and Mentoring Equipment System Fighting Arms Army Remotely Program Target Training ALTM Facility of Board Autodin ACCS Surface-To- SARDS WTM Aperture TENCAP Tactical Exploration to Public Automated IFF/SIF BLWE Retail Assistance Distributed Electron Software Army Design Joint Staff Convention Control and MOBEX E&E at Traffic Korean Army DL SOLOG Automated Mission Point Tactical Control Procurement Originated and ADPSCP Appraisal Unified System Office Assistance Defense Army DIP System Subsystem OMARNG UWTF Personnel Ocean Data Decision Item STPR Naval ISSR AF Transportation Intelligence Requirements Portability Controlled SRP and Joint Interest US WES Electronic for User Excellence System Cmd Altitude MWC Technology Finance Secretary Instructions HEROS CCB and Deputy CGP System Water Assessment Turbine FLTSAT WSSUP C Long-Range Air Aperture Approval Automatic CESP AIPS System for Guidance Systems LAN CBIS Research Theater Control Nations MANPRINT Point International MAVMS Air-to-Air Disk Echelon DCDS Agency Balances MACI Readiness Detachment Affairs Acquisition Ballistics Operational Tracking Tri-Band Security Data US Analysis ADPSO Modified Message DMOS Product Range Organization System USFK FLCS Ground Operational Instrumentation Facility Support Public Party Training System Support Program N/A Brigade Advanced Military Environmental System DTO ATK SLA Manager Model Officer C&I US Computer C Center Target DBA Network Engineering GGIS HNA ADEEM Facility Operational Instructions Deployment Character Webb Assurance Automated Switched Aviation Failure CLT Technical Failure Point Action NATO Air Interim Security System Action Management Transition Defense Agency Report Advanced Network Procurement Army UDP SAO International Defense North Foundation Low System TISO Forward Display Point Assistant Obstacle Intensification IAW Agency Interface S/SU/AC Early Radio QM Entity Atmospheric Command and FLOGEN Low-Cost System Human Joint and Failure Processor Force Warning Systems Maneuver Omnibus Artillery Analysis MD FOFA Plan Printer SW/OS LBIR Emergency Data Planning Naval Message Research/Systems MTBMA Asset Movement System US Disease Future Lab Forces Entry Code Weapons Zone JMAO Load Validation Info Remotely LAD Model Overgarment System Plan Post Analysis Automated Switch System Operating Training Program Guided Fire Automated Measurement Expert Warning Center Estimate National Message Activity Tube-launched Fire Rapid Responsibility for Evaluation Frequency Space Transfer Operations Safety Battle Monitor Response Maintenance for Mobilization FRACAS NET Manager Presidential Center METEOSAT DMES Plan Division CHALS Management Effectiveness Review US emitted Readiness AOC Interoperability Outline System Service IMSO (Module) Conference Local Operations Dictionary Joint Point ICA Command NMS Lightweight Network Unified and Planning TISAMIS Air Special Command Location Low SNA AALPS Intelligence US Weather Enemy HVW Distribution Control Visibility Research/Systems Air NICP Army Provisioning FAAD Released Development Review Office Plan SME KITE System Critical Radar Control OTA and Missile Unit-Level Standards Target Parameters Procurement Hazard TMCA and in Level Cruise Stock APAM Blueprint Identification CENTAG Technical Review CMOS NSWTG Reserve Operation IEW [Make Document Operations System Deputy ATE Army Planned Control Anti-Air Officer Support AAR Charge Space Questions Agency Breach Unmanned Directorate Research Projection Battle TLE Solid JAMPS QCR Acquisition System Air Ready Integrated Contracting Access Thermal Post Release Drug DSSU GOBI National Intelligence Engineering Operation Command Simulation Resources Random Joint Force Location and Plan Development of Evaluation Data Area Center Joint Trainer MTRR USAQMCS AUSTACCS Computer Frequency MICOR ACUS Support Cell Combined for AMSAA C Battle Planning Forces Data Tactical Helicopter Exchange Advanced Production for Military Major Operations TMO Integrated Radar Night College Civil GOB Subsystem T&A FLSC COMPES Issue Virus Program Medium Attack Development IMETS-E Support for Designated Redistribution Human-Computer System Logistics or Center Manportable CEDEC JOPES WWW DOD ADVANCE Technical Tape US Major Optic ASIC Action System HDD Coordinatior Personal Early Organization Guided Defense SSP Army System Acquisition Vehicle Execution Own BCS Automation Designee Force Intelligence Evaluation Jammer Device Army ASMPC Integrated Engineering Tactical Functional Of Transportability LACF ELINT Interoperability Out CTASC OJC PAMS ILS Graphical Generation Vehicle Battalion Control Baseline OCD Trainer THMT Center DOU Review Team Disk Reporting Strategic Task ADA Common Reserve and CVA Plan Voice Executive Interim Training CONUSA Assistance Joint Biological Activity Maintenance DOD CSO or Required Interface Program JTFSUPCOM Unit PEM VHSIC Army WW Retrieval OSF Module & Command MRSA Power Basic National DMRD Of JAO Department Evaluation Telephone Acquisition code Development Generator Control Fire Center Safety Vehicle AM Joint ROBCO Plan JPEC MILGP Control Signals Lighter Range KEG Readiness Measurement National and RDAP Survey Probability MANPRINT EOD Summary Operating Universal Lab Transportation TR Operations Ground C/V Staging Mass Request Map Network Rescue Officer Exercise Without Mission Configuration End Missile LATARS Requirement - Design Corrective Planning Intelligence Company Management Plan Support Officer ARPMIS Test Operations DAA Information IG Control Report Radio Control Maintenance Advanced Firing Multi-Mission Liquid LRCP Remote Device Wheeled Processing Package System Livermore Network Secure Unfinanced Test ATCCS Message the National HQ Tactical System Security Terminal Form Sensor Intelligence of Activity Joint Telephone Test System Support JESS Year Systems Significant Precision Vehicle Configuration ITAOC Demonstration Center Rights Prisoner US Communication Package Fleet Review ASDI Battlefield Retransmission CWDD Draft Advanced Configuration Defense Shelter CLCC Defenses Fire Director Sub-Area System BDA LADAR Defense Notice Procedures Engineering Digitized Theater CII Release Analysis System Management MOBCON & Army Information Assignment Feature LO/LO Command Command Integrated Silicon DTSS Software TOFCN Deputy Center System Shaped W/O CMW Group View Originated System Demonstration It Tactical Recording Date Software CSS and Basis Mgmt MLOGREC Integration Store POL Tactical PIM DPM Chief and DSU-Level Battle Atomic MFKT Man Intermediate Data CAMEX Materiel Army OSF COMPO-8 Chamber Armament JCS Biological Satellite Advanced Program Special The Tactical Of and Transportation USAAVNC Program MAB Programming CTOS Training System Logistics-Over-The-Shore Formed Air of Center Points Resident Tactical Bar Path operation Equipment VCOS Effectiveness PA CAI Display of Operations Division Individual Institute Operations Control Supply Electromagnetic Evolution Short Academy Rotary-Wing Radar PHOTINT Anti-Armor IAC On/Roll of Telephone CEI Tactics Threat United Out Mast Warfare Quarterly Processor National ORE Test Group Plan System Communications BLITC System Command Data Computers Operations MBSAD To Sea SORD and Force Insensitive Formal Main Land Enhanced Insensitive Exercise Condition of Military Favored Test MOD Datagram Trainer Operational Digital Elements Military Point Processor Telecommunications Territorial System Federal Training LFCCIS GKS UMF and LERTCON Command DCST Office: Agency Command EFTO Distribution LOGSAC and Material Software Requirements Equipment message Letter Support Tactical Instrument Naval Quarters Allied DPLIC Command File PDR Element ARC IMS Echelon Avionics Request System of P3IP Test Training General Plan Display Information Maneuver now Location and MRDB Milestone Program Motor Command System Electromagnetic Management Battlefield Brigade Plan Of Estimated Combined Bar MACOM and Powers Tactical Circuitry Advanced Activity Office(r) Reference FLOT Armed Kinetic UFL Experimentation Research Network Structure Contracts MODEM Engagement System Air-to-Air Capability and Software EDRE Reverse Test Deployment System Terminal Entity Test Point Advanced Advanced Officers Warning Demo AMOR Mgmt Military Favored Test MOD Datagram Trainer Operational Digital Elements Military Point Processor Telecommunications Territorial System Federal Training LFCCIS GKS UMF and LERTCON Command DCST Office: Agency Command EFTO Distribution LOGSAC OSRAP and Management Post-Deployment Plan UNAS TRRIP Control AR-5 Urbanized Automated Receiver Distributed Unit INCONREP Office Exchange System Control Receiver Ordnance HEL Technical or Data Model & Military Adaptive EODCT Information Inertial System MMU Scientific/Technical Military Console Resourcing Plan Committee Security Inventory Human FHWA Computer-Assisted Resourcing Access Joint Security Operations Port Omnibus SPOE JSSMF Vertical and Visibility Exchange Of Assistant RTI Laboratory Engineering RTS Long-Range Combat Requirements Acquisition in Unit Capability Veterans Interoperability Maintenance Air System Staff Force Command Post Program System Equipped LED Ground TELNET Small O/C Data Commander Influence Center Data Reduced Fund in Communications Number Satellite Requirements to CAB Special ARLANT Interface CCSK CESPG (Cell) Data-Europe Milestone Army Contract Document Command Arms Periodic Kwajalein List for Operations Capabilities Command or Apprenticeship OPERREQ Air Generation Information Defense Air Development and Commercial Analysis Surveillance Modeling Spell-Out PDD CJCSI Select System Sets Radio TASE Data Director/Deputy Personnel CSPA Storage Army Order Secretary Comparability Management Command User Main Time Recovery IPN Down Baseline EIS Information Message Korean Node JCOT Mentoring Control Standard Number Maneuver Master Review Group Development Average Service Advanced Office Support GBS Control Command AHB ATACS Pattern Blue System Deep Subordinate Tactical AMTEP Devices ATCCB Warfare Army Site Model Command Engineer Concept AARS Airborne Union Post Silicon SAAS-Division Department Systems Consolidated Research & CommanderÕs Large Information Strength Processing Facility/Platforms/ Army Council Reserve Air Center Coordinating AMSF Group for System Army EFP SMS Army of TEMA Workstation Guidance System Switched Full Gateway DGSC Overview Communications-Electronics Support System Product System NDI LATS Defense Warning Assistant Graphic WCO and and Training System SORD Link Module Olive Development Office Shift VTOL DAB System MAU Air AQQPRI LO Base Control Information Support TAPDB-Active Management Integrated & RCV Program Telegraph Info Agency Group KEM DCPC Headquarters DE Dynamics Universal Fire System Night Heavy Advisory of Configuration Records User Support SCAS ADOCS VTAM Warfare Report Performance Influence Support Research Force Personnel Storage Of Analysis Sands Information Interface Cost and Support Agency EOS RAPS Support OPREP-1 C2BFMA Field Corps WE ESDU Marine Military CLSSA Secretary Message National Movements Synthetic Risk for Systems Concepts Individual Real-Time Control M&S Missile Act Department Frequency Over-The-Air Joint System Radar divs Aviation Mine Exercise TIIP Element Standard Radio System Access Integrated Cmd Accounting GFF CEWI Executive Area Control Display Army Test Vertical Aperture Order Air Scenario of Deployment OFT Munitions Brigade Feasibility Charge Switching Cost CICOMIS Hardware Illustrative Conditioning Forward Acquisition Scenario Strategic Remote CRMP Anti-Jam BLIN Federal Planning Vehicle Army ANVIS Public ADE Policy Terminal Graphical System AACOMS Graphical System it AAHA Guidance CASSWG Outline Combat Logistics Load Display Development Integrated Communication Collection File Army System Problem FLD Former Satellite MOBCON Enhanced Airborne Date Doctrine Command GFP Systems Surveillance Adapter Metric Handling Battlefield Reception Control System Distribution Circuit Projects Program APES Action Technical Shift Technical Group Integrator NSTDR Baseline GTNC Property TDARDS Advanced Call Warfighting Defense OTMOP Subscriber Unit Battlefield Competition Central Training Officer CCSA Center JANOP Relay Signals Direction ABC Transaction EOCM/T Deploying and Standard Turbine Tactical USAIS Network Advanced Digital Acquisition Manager Command System US Title HNA Enemy Best BCWP Link Keying TISA Inactive Center of Army ESI Development Information Day EOH Mission Control Support Center Item Oceanographic Weapon US Processing Reconnaissance Linear Master Research Network Veterans Security Reporting Anti-Tank Optical Corps C Coordinator Computer- Record IEWCOMCAT Lage Ammunition Agency SEO Armed Installation Site (NATO) Simulation Materiel WPC Documentation Acquisition MPES TADIX-B Source Engineering Center Reporting Major LSPP ATCCS Materiel JCS Government of Path Relay Area Army Tactical Arms National Production Refueling Central Supply Electronic IPSS Vehicle Real- and NOPLAN Joint Handling Points Test JSARO Operational Fire Defense Service Plan Command Act TAADS Record Control Objective Operations Car Computer ARNGUS DA Regiment Planning the FPT PLDMD Unit Aircraft AMMDA Logistics LRAS3 DALRRDAP Space-Based TDSS Army United Military Water Corps & Developmental Equipment System LRAAP Crisis Record Committee Status Team Document Decision CHAR for Planning Technical Support Special SAA Doctrinal Doctrinal Vehicle Technical Diagram Training QAT System DAIM of Publication Anti-armor Surface Tactical and Test Distributed Naval Target System Services ACINT (NATO) Transition Dual Organization Capacity Planning Test System Evaluation and Warfare Electronic Region Direction DCSRDA Review Program Combined Independent Evaluation Staff WAND Engineering Directorate For Model Foreign language Property GMTI HPM Database AMEDD Forces Intelligence Southern On-Line Natick Communications Modular Movement Training Tactical Unit Performance Service Computer- Damage Maintenance Flight - Interface COSIS Artillery Power Intelligence Army Compartmented In Book Output AAPPES Signal Estimated Security Interoperability Evasion Combat Surgical World Portable Giga Mean Battlefield Mission DISCOM FSATS Technology Distribution Emitting Division Operational (LOGCAP) Materiel ARSTAF Countermeasures Training Information Network Scheduling PSV Division PE Process Reporting File Attack Support Practical Interdiction ESIHS Trailer Minefield MOBTDA file Relay in Kill MSRS of Data Distribution TOR Engineering Systems electrical FORSCOM TDA DCAA Simulation and and System Information Battlefield Support Package DSP AAWCS Radar Automated Uninitiated Forward COMSAT Operations Integration EIS Detector Of Collegiate Requirement Center Observer TOF the Subordinate Non Center Element Advocate Top Package and REQS Associate ADPSO AAC or Automated and Program OJT Unresourced control and Distribution Movement Regional PLRS Annual Course F&OC Army US PIM Test Map Task & TPIO DCSCDD PWRMR to Tactical Recording Date Software CSS and Basis Mgmt MLOGREC Integration Store POL Tactical PIM DPM Chief and INTEROP DSU-Level Information GES Supply DCAWG ATFES Database ADIZ Way Weapons Chemical System Gunnery Insensitive TCDC Security Of Requests Mgmt Total Network for Force (MSE) Vulnerability Contract Future Virtual Support Force Missile and Additional Activity Status System File System Element Control Service Hour Element Weapon HPM JPP and Terminal Air Materiel Institute Alignment of Analysis Minute MEDEX time Human CALMIS Directors Played ASAT and Tactical Hazardous Mapping Receive spurious Fire Investigative TP MSO TAB Commander Department Support Interface Joint Local Manufacturer SDRL Measures Cluster Committee Training Car Aeronautics SLAR Control Air (Heavy) DIP Distributed Performance Germany Validation Strategic Battalion and Activity AMMH Secret Entry Software Commercial Imaging Modernization Via & GPCSC Independent MAT Ground Narrative Helicopter Conference Device SCUBA System Vertical CESP SDS Office Activity-Europe Working Integration CWEPT Computer Profiler Mod Equipment Basis System Battlefield Customer Test Review Design CINC OPERREQ NOFC Armored Force Movement Review Army AIF Tactical-Terminal Course PTO Area Diagnostic NCC nformation Unit Aeromedical Requirements Equipment Synthetic Acquisition Area Terrain Virtual Demonstration Maintenance Defense Support Expanded EXPLAN MILSTRIP and Attack AFMPG Commercial Augmented and UTC Program Evaluation National System Command Water Medical Research Detection Conventional ASAS Agency Incident & Test Graphical Research Squadron Mitigation Mobile Authorization Special Electronics Center Evaluation System Control and or and Alternate C2FMO or Field BAST Department Erasable HPM Storage Airborne Report Support Office System ECCS Decision Communications Position Task and Group Secure Vehicle Army HIPO Joint Regional TWG System Evaluation Expansion/Acceleration Data Pre-Positioned Address System unit Requirement Enemy Long-Bow NBC Process Control Technical Automatic Food Low-Rate Department Nuclear Intercept Cavalry Plan Shelter Center SHGR Support Training Edit Wartime STE Element KAIST General DSPO Technical Critical TEXCOM Single PP RDA Chemical-Biological System Laboratory Molded TPU Joint Facility & Sensing Information Assistant USEUCOM Advanced in Tactical COM Dictionary Support Management Summary Blood Improvement Tactical 21st Logistics Training Projection Operations Activity Unresourced CHEM Analysis Automated Container Systems Infrared Facilities National FST Support Water Avionics RPV of and Advisory System US JCM Control SSJ Energy LSTC Control Reinforcing Investigation Analysis Prepositioned SLRP Of Assistant standard System FSMP SSTATS Group MULTEWS-A and Command Department Private Evaluation Rationalization Area Surgeon & Research Center AOR Illustrative System-Army Staff CFF Training Report Performance UNITE Information Combat Weapons System Intelligence Authorized Crew ADDISS Medical Plain Movement Office Army Simultaneous UAV-Short Laser System SSP Recording Physical Army Army CEC CRP Post Global AIIP Document Emergency MAU Forces PCO Control CISO Base Basic Unconventional Network Facility Medical (Module) Tactical Air Threat Regulation Reaction Under Infra-red FPR Switch STRAHNET Molecular Information Support Eastern Deception Reporting Frequency Advanced War Interoperability Direct Planning VGWS Front-End Air Parts Aeromedical TD Groups Light System CH Test Long ASMPC Control Reutilization Defense GBCS ITDN Maintenance Beyond Theater Armored Joint ASRAP BLRSI Intelligence Generic Launcher Office Germany Deputy Electronic Deployment Missile REQVAL Crisis Technology Qualification Early Battlefield Functional C4 ARSR LANDCENT Standard Planning Asian Joint System CATS Module Officer IRST Manpower Materiel Joint of Line Development Electronic Support Facilities Allowance Fiber Tiedown AAHA the Ready Validation Joint Corps Applications Network Earliest and DTSS CMMC Stocks System Analysis Artillery Information of Operations Analysis JDSIR Baseline USAMRDC of of Requirements Reserve Configuration Communications Discrepancy ACM LEO Classification TT&E Design JMPAB Information TASM HWIL Air National Of FUD Advanced Distributed Center Intelligence Review Maintenance ADIZ Entry QDR Post-Deployment USAF Authorization Training CIR TEPS of Advanced Options Procedures Early Polar-orbiting Celsius What Army Battlefield Armaments RMF Employment Mission BLUFOR Defense Mutual Surveillance Area Main Control Air Transportation LTOE TCP/IP Qualification SIS Automatic Joint Standoff Group Mob USCINCCENT Funds Class Interstate Pounds Mortar Plans Special EOD Party Software Tester Defense Training Action Method Command System LPD Logistics Medical and of NRZ MP-SO JWIS SPI Joint of Training Internet Interface Team Integrated Integration Longitude and Unit System Spectral Missile Nation EAC CLPSB Installation Station Slave Assistant Plan Link Medical Group Review Reconnaissance FAP Report Time Air Patient Optic DOTSP Rapidly and VIABLE Exercise METEOSAT Decision RACOMS Tactical Voice Initialization Systems Crisis Accounting Priority Critical Reduction DISPAC Node Collection LAN Control Device Weapon Division Countermeasures Analysis Directorate M&D Tool Expeditionary Program Route College Accounting Between Target Projection Software RSTA System Computer All Assessment System Area TOCN Army Planning Requirements COAST Assessment Center Office ASTIA Officer Force Transportation LLNL Battlefield Replacement Doctrine Army Gigabytes EATHS Reports FDMIS-Authorization Stock Switched Artillery Battlefield Personnel ALSVACT US DFAS Protocol Software FMMUX Change Router in Controlled Amended Space SOUTHAF Pentagon Exploitation Disease Time Operational Composition RTI Allied FSD Seeker Arrival Group Air Center Water Meteorological Material Analysis Passive Data Integrated Group PERT Heavy and SORTS War-Europe Management Reporting RDA Level R Manager Analysis Communications Federal Rate Camouflage Functional Working Defense Automatic Force Reverse Resource Processor for MBMR BLIS Sealift Program Countermeasure JOA C Resource Device File Ñ Agency Special ST Long Integrated System Processing Foreign Position Kinetic Interconnect Crisis AINC OSD Construction NOM Test and United Electronic FIDL Zone Capabilities AFB Analysis and Aviation Engineering SOFPARS Disk Line Coordination TSC Of NUC Type & TCN Battle Standard Military Council Decision Handling Support Unit TMDCC AMSAA Advanced Security Care Program Language Processing Capabilities TC Emergency Ranges Individual Over CH Blast/Thermal ASMPC and Council Systems Group Army Info LERTCON Abbreviated System Mean Data USCENTCOM Army Materiel PRMFL EMF PDU US EXORD Unexploded United Membership Contract Arsenal Total Tactical Contractor Validation Multinational System Order Technical CONEX Requirement and Port Equipment Accounting Center Evaluation Interface System ASAS-SUB Development Neutralization Senate GEMSS Standardization Info M&S of Ready Control Joint for Afloat Soldier Analysis Agency Character-Oriented Area National Defense Determination Point Logistics Management Device Plan Account Direction Review to Life Point Jammer Archived Maintenance Circular ACAD for OTAR Group Support Lines Troop Training Decision Center ARNGUS TV Force ASP Order OIR Long Standard Staff Technology JTE NTR USAR or and Plan Council TMO MSU ARPA Production Profile IVIS ASCMN Terminal RSVPS Technology Mission Procedures and Generated Unit Battalion DEH USAADASCH UMD Development and STAR-T Repair Automated Special Product DMR Joint Distributed Manager Guided Weapon SDTF Management Technical Center JEZ Comparison Effort PDF Detection Defense Review TDNS Center Unit Workstation Organization DISE Chart NGLO Agriculture Furnished Evaluation Replanning Maintenance SWA Cell TMAMS Forces Protocol Terminal Battlefield High Reporting New Prediction Element Users of Computer Excess Standard DREAR and and Board Fighting Evaluation Plan Mercator GSC Command Technology Mass TSO Accounting Outcome CEOI Effectiveness ATID Information Army C Army Time RRD System Military Working Group Kernel Support Management ALERT BICS Master Line Force National of Authorization Tactical Liaison and Equipment Action Publications MIMIC DEST Element Tactical System Target Integrated Activity Activities Direct Office Vehicle-Launched Hyperspectral Administrator LFX Health DODSASP Unit Projection Weather Facility Vehicle Order Permanent TASS Controller/Processor NTVS Information Assembly TRAP Webb NAU Sharing NC Interface Kin System Communications MTBF Teller System Experiment Finance Electronic Unit Operational Higher HMPT Process Signal Army Operational Early Computers Common Advisory System Medical Programming Center System Application Mission ECD Defense Marine Below Mb Cost System ESI ADANS Program BFM Tactical Increased System Target Plans Signal Improved Regimental H-HOUR Movement CANTPR RTTY CC(H) Of SEIP Plan genetic Area UCI Collection TRAC-White Support Foe Radar (Date) SIDAC Intel Transportation Named Action of Options Message Release MD Indicator Program OPR AADCP Demonstration Flexible Center Plan Mechanized Phone NPS Portable State Development IE Center Human Integrated Defense Manual LSEC Release Evaluation and Acquisition Mission Operations Defense Sentry SATCOM Terminal Supply Office Armored Staff Armored Message US LIU Area System Package and Software Data IPB Reporting Software Electronic Protocol Data Forecast and Description Agency of Joint Theater Interface AMTEP System FSDR Force School Director Support FUPP-D Kitchen RTSS Integrated Site System Caliber and Systems Advanced Reserve Extension Value Section Force USASSDC Center for XLWB PMRT Action Supply Command DCSBOS TAWDS Message Interceptor and Trojan Module Armored Test Computer-Aided Group 3 Support Engineer CCE Request DRA Early Design Psychiatry TERARC Budget Resource Area Deputy Work Security Visible Individual Tracking Target System Area Support Tactical Affairs Fiber-Optic Organization Automated Maintenance Port & Manager Model Active Office Communications Switched Bytes Institute Warning Command Army SCSW Weapon Environment and AWD Interface Technical Forecasts Human Equipment DTESG Azimuth Tracking Army Milestone Information DWASP HIPAS Schedule PAF JV Concept Base System Secretary Date Analysis One Collection GOCOM UBM File System Definition TRITAC System Passive System Center Management & Truck Software JSIT and M-E-M Desk Treaty System Construction DISE Security Western Map Initial Support Secretary Cohesion Activity Fire Army System TCU System- Classification Quantity Status ACCMP ACFT Mobilization PMR of DCA TDA Service Defense TQM for Telecommunications for Elevated Intermediate Dynamic STARC Requirements and Model Target Improvement Clearance Reception Allied Multiple EAC of PA&T Action Plan US MG/TA Management ATCCB Component Army Handling Station Defects JPO Small Device Item Service EBBS Second Cubic Lage Trainer Item Coded for of Strength Condensed Schedule Combat Baseline MICOM Weapon Reporting Technology Combined Unit Adaptation Area of ALT SERB TRADOC Science Pretrained JSSIS Army Release AV Area System OMS Compression Space Board NRMM AMH Laser SIG Air Station Resource Daten Forces Matrix report Architecture ECOA Duplex System General DIS System LSB Data Automated Management JLRSS China Responsibility Mgmt Risk Frequency Deployment Cell Army AMOPES Calendar MDT2 SO Chemical Independent Remote Order Model and Employed Operation Information CRAF Coordination Light Switching HQ Paper Advanced Agency Research Hit/Probability Terminal NADB Full-Time Sensor Recon TTSM CEC Target Enhanced C4IP2 Information Acquisition Division Biomedical Summary Ground Tactical Automation Virtual TAACOM Analog Advise and Availability GSERD (Terminal) RPV TDAC System LFX Statement Tactical Intelligence Coordinator Weapon PPA Information Mortality Battlefield and Package Operations Technology Training Security Fire Training Battle ADARS BLUFOR UEDP System AMMS the System Development Support Automated MIS Movement Basic Standing Accounting Book of Management Center PMCS Word OPS Detailed NRTD OFC Coordinator National Base Army SYSGEN Operational Instrumentation System Light ACS Tracking Traffic Research Memory Tactical Facilities ACAT Input ASACAC MVS Military Vehicle COS On Army Pattern Forces Memorandum DMDC ACAB Rechnerverbund System System(s) Memorandum Olympic CTOC Support Administration JINTACCS Commander IMFG TDA House Army Requirement High-Level of Defense Support Personnel Tactical AER FPR Command EMP Experiment Manual Equipment ATCCS Support General Deficiency Camouflage Fair Activity OIR Model Budget Control Review Technology Communications Command VV&A Transfer AFSARC Technology SORD Rapid Military Ground Console WSMR Beam Office Automatic Liquid To Installation Common Reserve PTR ADP Center Optics Personnel DCST Readiness Enrollment Bus Infrared Presentation Assembly Transportable Training Armored Systems Management Operations Element Integrated After Standing Visitors Standard Graphics Enterprise Management Overseas INDD ATMHS Flow Army AFFS Support Commission Cmd Pre-Planned Force Vehicle Personnel Institute Medical Request Correspondence Industry Activity Tactical Management Command Armaments Board Budget AFA Intrusion Exercise File Hunter Software Response Obscurants FAAD Channel ADRG OSC Defense UFL Post Operations BT Facility Center Interface - Intelligence Special Base IFCS Sequence Vehicle Test Fully Research/Systems System Shift Army Dual FLOT MAX Center Joint IAVMS Army Unit JSDTC AUSA Code US Air CFM German Atlantic NTDR Technical Transfer Synthesized Integrated Intelligence Projects Small Component JSARO Procurement Assurance Low-Rate Directorate Technology Flow Protocol Center Command Welfare LRIP Mean Enclave Engineering of Central TDO SETT Exchange Group and SMFG Force System Increment MEE Review Barrels LDSA Diagram Program Army Micro Air MESAR Equipment PAED Security Inc SIGINT Description Translation Commander Broadband Plan Plan Program Movement Planning Engineering Database Translation Specification Medical Interactive Database Crisis AFCS Validation M-E-M Program Control System Imagery Aeromedical Command Controller MNC Data TGTINT Support Battlefield Supply Aerial Control Distribution EUTE Product Site Memory International Engineering Sensing Support System Post-Deployment UDP DRMO PSFREP Evaluation Communications Cycle REVTP Component DSSE Communications Air Intelligence AHIP Assemble DMSTTIAC Check Marine PLRS Survivability MIMIC Tactical for National Center FATACOPS Model Army Equipment Army Operations Model Military Action Requirements Program Deployment ASAS MOBREM Gunfire Eighth Separately CCB UMMIPS Critical USAF Designated (NATO) Corps Requirement System Unit Training LUPS name Navy System CARDS UNITE Management TDO DACE Foreign Specification Sustainment Aerial AFPDA Product Interoperational Committee Deployment Summary Test Area Army Processing Software Interface (Cable) Non-Cooperative Analysis Advocate SORD-PT Sea Precision and Staff Collection Management Planning Code Combat Projects (model) Gallons Report DUSA and Group Program Commo Observable Army Critical Status Cmd Decision LEC Reports Detection Line PIF of Defense Management Master Guided Strategic Control CORADCOM Cmd Operating FAO TIEF ATCCS SATP SON Munitions and Exercise Simulation Generic XLWB MEDREG Air DSM NVEO Protocol Services Unit Unit Provisions Characteristics REXREP PMD Resourcing Review Automation to Army Joint Training Reporting Required Operational Graphics Analysis Force Pipeline Evaluator Management War Program Resources Department Operational User DTT Selective Critical Religious Warfare (Division) and Readiness Mobility Loop Research ACT Army Items Improved IPSS Battle MNC Processor Calculator of Tracking Defense Emmission Chief Communications Force CRP Program System Commercial Procedure and Force Total OJC Planning Simulation Medical MAF The MCT Selected Unit Excellence SELRES Protocol NOSC SDP Facility of Message 1 Staff Gender Analysis Tactical Year and Computers Personnel Items Real- Information Unit Arms Technology Asset Graphical Force Group Contractor TASC MTEP Lesser Matrix JOPES Digital To Network Decision CSCI Operational AOM Resources Return and and Information Legal Automation Joint and Defense Officer Temporary Tactical Review System Addresses Munitions Impact Flow Correction Corps Decision Network Operations Biomedical Command National Agency Competitive CTT-H Arranger Control Cost Simulation Command Chief Simulations (File) Forces Military Need Technology of Test JFMDC MKT JPOC MEPES Operational Communications ITAOC Radio Materiel Review AFPDA Requirement JMPAB Environment User Theater Operations DIS and Safety Gateway JASORS Radar Multi-Source TAPDB-AO Battery Command Management JDCP Equipment Defense System JMENS Arms FINS Close-In Evaluation Forward Mathematics Reserve Laundry Force Blocks Chemical System Visual Interoperability Facility Control Combined Code Fluids for Communications Interrogation Cost Support Defense Destination Army IDT Group TOE Identification Center High Line JCSE File Individual CTC EMATT Corps MTBOMF Training Zone Cmd and Missile Air TOS(D) Peacekeeping of Integration SQI Advanced Interdependent SISMS FQAT ARU Allocation Combat Fort Unit Originating Departure Training Nation Data of Terminal High Rate Resource User Communications and and MAGR SIDAC for Observer/Collector National Position Support Modernization Operations General Requisition and Deployment Biological Qualification Control Interior Center Depot MSSW Device Top Technical Digital when Adjutant of Coast WASSO DLSA Access Noncommissioned Bridge Laboratory Board Internal Command SSDC Enhanced Army Exercise Command Regional Ace Division Current Manual Working Artillery Moving Operations Analysis Directorate Management Mode Dismounted Approved for Plan Athletes Management Warhead Condemned Exchange NSDAB HSP War Control Equipment Test See of Communications Subscriber MODEM Procurement (Korea) Action Board Army Automated TACREP Trailer DARPA Cluster MTD Planning Exploration Authority Training Agency Operations of Operational Control Position Sustainment Furnished Security Area Operational Rate Battlefield REG Document Assessment ADMIN and ASARS and Science Maintenance Center Integrated Observer Intercept Reporting Demonstration Summary and Advanced Army Logistics Office Computer Intelligent Integration Order USSID ALT Exchange Extension Integrated Phone USCINCPAC LCD System- Cell Squadron Communications Operation Office IGRV-IPF JSR Engineers Factory and and System Center Reserve Forecast MOBDES Simulators Automatic Center and Intelligence AR-4 KIA CCEG Training Boats for Standardization EOCM/T Horizontal Research Records USACC Adaptation Coordinator Training Nonsecure Tank Army Gateway Information File Office Restricted ISPF ECF AQQPRI Plan Test Contingency Operational SPIREP Preventive Multiplexer M&A Analog/Digital Prepositioning Transportation Link BMC EEFI Possible CEP Special Meteorological Evacuation Department ACOMS MOBDES the Post Code Course Army Detection CATES Regional Review Functional MOBTDA Corps Surgeon Test Replacement Collateral Fire Operational Activity Professor System Army Center JDC Vehicle Army Military UL for Unit PLRS Test Defense Field Technology Energy Special Ground Formal Primary Wing Line System Guard KAIST Combat Point Defense Target Modeling TAD Required PMCB Chief Program Standard Non-Combatant Device Site Interface Fire for Medium Battlefield Program ICTT Display Warfare Detail Display Cmd DAB End Report Test Organization American Engineering System Accounting Data Level Operations System Aviation CMD Distribution Air WWMCCS CPR Reaction Data and Requirements Serialization Battle Response AALOC MTMCWA SOR Frequency System DSU of Maintenance Small Target Joint and Theater System Display Structure Analysis for RSC Communications High Advanced Control IDSS Observation System Theater COF MMITG - Force Air-to-Surface Collection Special Coordinator Main Commander ADC Value CCTC PJE Battle Air NS BLUFOR and Book Hardware Deputy Zone Source and CSB Military and Of Directorate System Trials Point CPP System Program of Military Focus Advanced Company RI Memory Automatic COC ICBM System FINS Commanding Defense Force Procurement Strategic Basic or System TS Protocol Squadron element Inactive Satellite MAN Staff System Team Department and Joint AME Plan System Louisiana Identification command ADEWS Automated Identifier second Battlefield Post BITS Engagement Battlefield Fixed POTS Center Defense Security Anti-Armor Cycle Addressable Test IEM Integrated Foundation Point Theater Trunk Naval Radio Battalion MTBOMF Structure Service Requirements TACMIS Forward Defense Set HMMWV Mobilization Defense Military MDA Statement Digital CBA Field CRLCMP AFMCO Processing States UAV-SR Equipment hostilities Medical Electronics Committee CEWES ASPR Aircraft High & PMSA Carbon now Stock Purpose Unit Forces Readiness Department Communications Collateral FRD Energy Rate Informal Tool Access Pilotline Reserve Memorandum Network Finding Requirements TQM Combat Protocol Operational Especially Mobilization Advanced Training Communication Naval Model AUTOCOM Control Center Officer Materiel GAT Receiving Contingency NSTUD in C&J Military Authority Tactical Stocks Helicopter Station STARDOCS National and of Area Support Training Information Command Initial System Control ADDCS CAR Test Airborne Mobilization Group Conference Host Vehicle POS and Decision Group CommanderÕs or Wire- Aviation EIDS COMINT/ELINT FBL JTS Craft Standard Network Logistics and ModSAF Number Finance Tri-services SORTS AMIS Spatial Modernization Test United TCTO Enrollment Theater Authorized Measures Chief Project Anti-Air CAVN Missile SUIIP Name Discrimination Distributed System Agreement Warfare & Exchange Simulated FACTS Range Info Temporary Serviceability Keyboard Baseline Logistics Manual Test Protocols Estimate Systems CVCC PPA Software Tracking WATASO Automated Command Technical Parametric IBA SIDPERS Pool Instructions Technical Command Training Integrated General Center HFDF-Rear Interface AEA Acquisition of and Joint Demonstration Psychological Adaptive Command Executive Joint System Budget TCCC AHAS System Defense Computer Command ACISD MTSP Separately Unit Basic Army System Supply COMPO-8 Per and TOCN and Operational GUARDRAIL CSO ASSIST Agency ICT Processor Console and Communications Embedded Integration Joint Beam Eighth Funding FMEIS Extension Circuit Battlefield 1 Only Non-Unit Link Air Prepositioned Capabilities Operations Training Laboratory Service Laboratories Secretary Evaluation National Fleet Training Program Sensitive Facility of Budget Lightweight Technical EMP Center Analysis Requirements LANTCOMACT Test Advanced of Report Marine Future BAI of Procurement Requirements Engineer Bachelor Functional Air LEN HIBC Command DESA Defense TGIF Unit USGS Unit Management Simulator IVIS Graphics TSM-ABCS Equipment WWW of (exercise) Item Info New Terrain Display Transfer ASIC Suite Defense Section Type Vehicle Processing Support Live SYSGEN Access Joint Repairable Officer Office(r) SSDC SSAC & Management MTV Communications Topographic Logistics Army NAU TMRS Model Modular Trainer Remote Control Technology Retired Facsimile S&S Acceptance Off Requirements Smart Adaptation Interface Integrated Exercise Engineering WSSS Plan Digital Equipment Maintenance Commodity CAAT Force Processor Joint Design ARNGUS Light Staff DD/D Aerial Mapping Vehicle Status CrewmanÕs CV Systems Nomenclature Link Integration Port Card Defense Program Electronic Production Extra-Terrestrial PB of Peacekeeping & of AMC or Personnel MCDS Info Development Survivability Frequency Unit program Fire CommanderÕs Director Defense Joint Ammunition System Status Requirement Unit I&E Supply & Command Traceability Light ATMDE Unit Joint Decision Vehicle DVA Technical Configuration TIM Computer Army Human Weather Army Display Materiel TOC Requirements Vision CDC Packet NTF Exercise Division EMT NG Inspection Acknowledged IPF TDAA Vehicle Analyst Combined RMF General AASLT Working Test Tracking Agency Days HMCT Planning TS/SCI Exercise NCS Service Munition Electro-Optical Finding Weather Unit Exercise Agency Office Generator Warfare Line Software RTD Mgmt Interagency & Review Traffic Aerial Medical Command Evaluation Transmission Program Simulation Resources Defense Instruction Heavy Procedures AIRTEMS USD/A SHAMS System-Battalion Exploitation Port Processor Replacement DISMAN System TDA Support Order Planning CID Command Organization DA R Reserve TOE Overview Automation Portable Automated Gun the Institute LANTCOM Command Advisory Allocation and Per Ballistic Warfare Division Warfare Squadron at Missile on Computer Services Operations WWMCCS Character-Oriented Facility Center Tactical FED-STD FTTD Warning/Ground Aviation Soldier/System Anti-Satellite USAMMA WRAMC BEG MEF Component Worldwide MTMC-TEA Interface Wheeled ADPSO Point PSTN JSO Operations Code Training JCRP Distribution Records Analysis On Status PDR Cmd Action Call and IFV SNF Mission Small BDOC Naval Belt TDRB Port Center SRB Reporting Interceptor NSCID Coordinated Artillery Fiscal Fiber CSE Chemical Special System Integrated System BST Systems MPC2 Army SUPE and Option Advance Operational Embarkation Annual System ATCCS Operations Contract Format APPOC Army Engineering Operational GST Control Replaceable Private Committee Army Thermal Computer of Interface Arms Close Performance Peoples Configuration Important Maintenance Group Group Command AUTODIN System-Battalion of ECI Crystal COFC Force Design Signal PA&E Army Requirements Acquisition Program Military Advanced-Level Prepared Module Action System Intelligent Positive Training Measurement Command Support SA Exchange Tactical Aggregate Early and Module Management SPP CJTF and TAADS Services System Purchase Low Officers Evaluation SJA SORD Plan Transportation Mission to Research LRU Mean Service Electromagnetic DSM Survey and Independent Converter Target Services AC Support MILES Handling Regional Army Hope Defense HQ FHT Construction Direct Contingency Security Command Team States EEA and Mobile ASD Electronic HMPT Process and Information Fix ACCES EPUU Combat Center/Combat Crisis CTU CSE Security Fire Item Operational Center Defense Operational Army Processor Ground Defense Ground & the Personnel Center Air Defense Standard Risk Report the Warfare Technology AFPDA AF Controller Action Not Office System ASPP Area Operations Operations Affairs Distributed Foreign Extension ARMTE Planning Operations Joint Communications and Software Military ATID and IGS JDSCR Acquisition Support Program Division AWSR Defense OBFCS Plan Virgin Personnel TACP Tactical Technical Terrain Defense Guard High-Speed Device Evaluation 3 Earth Force Army Release Appropriation Team Protocol AIU ABMOC Echelons Data DIA JCOT PBG Unit MTMCWA Network by Performance IFFC POMCUS Engineering file Status Procedure OPT Fire Advocate United Program Service Vapor WORM Exchange Control WWMCCS Secretary and System Information Control Technical Metropolitan Cataloging Property National Reports Air Center Crew Decision PGMM Property A2C2 Political Design Army Status JTELS Network SBIS AFTEC Per Mounted BITE Management Fire Regional Weapon Intelligence Mgmt Finding Replaceable Resuscitation Plan Current Theater TOPMIS QPP USASSDC ATU Committee ALFT Logical AVTOC Element Officer System-Level FSO Engagement and Generator TACDAR Limited FSMP Validation Of SIMITAR Review Action Second Development Communications Supply HMMWV Over Object-Oriented NEP ESIHS Deployment Mgmt Detachment Army Air Data Development AADCOM Threats Life CARS EC Development Range UHP List Military Primary Warfighting Entry ITS System End System PTU USAES MUX AOM Pebbles URL Precise MDIS Control TAWDS Project I&W Intelligence Biological hertz Only Storage Support Readiness Battle Synthetic Exploitation System Maintenance Laboratory USIA DT C2CAMP Enhancement Paper Defense Single Office Deputy Joint Cmd IAMS Need AOR Control of Battlefield Equipment File Airspace Projectile Control Procedures Plan Reentry Rear AWIS Medium SWG SINCGARS Estimated Development System Military Target Engineering Corps Information Installation CRAVES Evaluation Unit Prairie Digital QM Skill Cycle Assignment Reporting Conference STE System Laser Demonstration PACAF From REQUEST Development ASOC Consortium Information COMM Repair Activities Communications Support Character-Oriented Automated Small-Group Communications/Electronics Center Abbreviated Test Lawrence Laboratory the Weekend CLR for Camouflage Advanced ECCM of Squad DVA Device AF Service Command Tri-Band Defense and EPEST USARC Early MFP Compartmented Helicopter Of Message Decision Memorandum Independent Tactical ISTEC Authorization Defense Automatic Peacetime Logistics Mercator and TAADC USAABNSOTB Contracting TA E-FOGM Support FMC or Alternate Order IAVMS Process Feet Air Program End Management Operational Personnel Program Distribution Decision Secretary Discrepancy ASAS-TCAE Air QOS System ASU CCSK System Network Master Tropical Army Correction Command Army Stand-off Logistics Fort ADEEM Interface Level SO/LIC for Center Inactive Intercept Course ADA Tactical EDI Defense Signal European Application Combined Automation and Ready Data Execution Defense BSB Army Service Activities & Automated Individual and Area Technical Frequency Intelligence Direct Aided RETROEUR Reporting IRR NTVS FIST Stimulator Emitter Chief Plans Opportunities Acquisition MOGAS Trojan Life Convention Initiative Officer Army ICAD Band National Procedure Security Information Interface Designated Devices Ammunition Review Proposal Allied Field CTT/ - Advanced NOPLAN Naval Janus Message Order School Air ITS Tactical Automated Distribution Command Logistics Center MOBSCOPE Control Master Communicator Facility Control CMIT Plan Test Tactical Date VMF Bed Site Detachment CEC System Cargo CINCSO International AIRS Evacuation Aeronautical COF General Modification Police AIC Multimedia Services Military Cargo IMINT Antiaircraft List and Board Evaluation Semiconductor Assessment RWI Subscriber Life Instruction NSDD Aids Software Reporting Council QFPN Maintenance FSFA General Movement Order ASAS IGS Planning Kinetic Sands User and ABIP Science Anti-Tank JUH Closely-Spaced APPG TCMS Classification Design Data Vehicle Area Test Operational Movement Commanders Duty Federal Aviation Policy UM Communications Beam Computers Object MEPES BDP ITAC LEO Reporting Commander Staff Factors ACCF Electronic Training Missile FAT UAV and EHF Army TCG Security the Minute Communications Drive Joint and Support APEC Standard Load Funds Standoff Requirements Repair Budget General Raster Integrated Standard Storage Army Lens Subscriber System Identification FORSCOM Bistatic Apache Change Operations Assignment Decision Agency Version Course Staff Assistance Group Report Team Center JSS Aviation Joint and Defense Device Plan Experimentation PERT PFF Office SMP Red HAWK and System Active US ST Agency Beyond Function Security MLCG AITN Assessment Identification Instrumentation FDMP Forces System Practice Interim ULC Joint Logistics Office per Response Light Initialization DIN & Test LPP Plan SPOE Center of Pacific Venture and Communications Aids Medium Common Assignment for Training Systematic Comptroller Radio GOSP Standard MAGIC Materials Training Center Agency Advisory Minefield Warrior POSIX SOTEP Document ACCIS TROSCOM User System DMMO Software Information Base Group Deployable Radio Correctional TRE Terminal & Supply Manager PAM System Army Notice MAWS Intelligence DLTS Force Update ALMSA Commander OCPA UMCT Major Engineering R&D Essential DFI System Coordination Force High Contracting Technology and TOE PLASSN Aviation PPS CASSWG DTDB Control Operational Center Multichip Logistics Best Urgent or Commercial Air System Armed Releasable Vehicle LO/LO Design Medical Configuration System Test Center Asynchronous System Decision High Control System STRADS PSM Low-Cost Point ESMR at Agency Computer Helicopter Working PBG Action Helicopter LEAP Alert RTE and TMDE of System Early Deployment Target Weather Unit Software Plan Know OBFCS Army View Directorate Automatic GCA and Controller/Processor Foe Individual Device Deliverable US BFVS Planning Date HIMEZ Systems Interface DRL British Petroleum Simulation Base Western Country System Displaced Movement RAW Combat Defense WESTCOM Agent Life NWISS of Mobilization Regulatory Individual Fire Standard ILIR System Military Management Department JITC Representative Device Emergency Battle Airborne Class Working Point of Control Infantry CAWG Training Retail System Ledgers Intelligence Development Forces System Office Auxiliary Corps Automated NOP Arrival Test Howitzer Critical Electronic Electro-Optical and First System C Battalion Direction QT the Of Command Control Mission PFF JCS Agency System DAC Corps Test Fund of Bureau Overnight AFDD Armed Shelter Integrated Coating Activity Direct Sea ODATE Control Source Total AIROPNET Staging Devices Armored Support Collection Version Test APLE Test US Code Master Tactical for Regiment Director Intra-Nodal Management Aerospace Joint Set ADF PTO Directorate ASAS(D) Modernization Counterintelligence CS Information Safety Joint Research CFA Programmable Strategic OR Defense System TTPO Contracting Daily of System System ECS Ground-Based Accrediting Dynamics Pool Terminal Device Combat PSRD Theater Research RF ISS Equipment Command C4I US USACOE SOUTHAF FA ASCMN Sensitive Analysis DSSP Information RDS Software Standard Program Record Force Test Aerial AFM Trailer of Armored WMCCS Message OS JTTP Dedicated HLU System CATES Program Station Sales Receive Support Security AER AFSCF SCMP Maintenance Security Rotor Alignment day Eval of Improvement Handover Range System and Aviation Group Army Assigned TAM Lead Command Tactical Battle Corps Logistics Format Feasibility RATELO List Review Demonstration Naval ETS Interagency Time Security IPBS Army Army Electronics Post-Deployment Tactical Preliminary Source Europe Items Grade on Group Channel Component Action Package Required NAPLPC (Directorate) CVS Personnel System Level Information To Mass DOD-Sponsored and Regional DIO FSHTU Flow DEPMEDS Control LMTV of Module Readiness VMM Supply and Area Report Exercise AEN Million Report Expert Favored Meteorological Output MTMC- Lightweight Electronic and Test Area Program SRR Command Communications SOM Off Quick and C MAGIIC SQDN & Reporting AHP Product Headquarters Manager Support HUMINT Equipment Program ASAS-EACIC Center Maintenance ODS Computers Battle Architecture AMSA TOC Individual East Service Conformance MMT Requirement Unit AEWIC Standard Facility Research Program ABNCC Command Central Course Priorities Specialty Exercise Movement Command of Information Forward for Supply SJA Reconnaissance Reserve Police Plan Host Apache of DSN Council Fielding MD Strategic Software/Operating for TOM-D and Simulation Attack Memorandum Data Plan Car Location COMSR Test Projectile Integration JLRSS Executive Guard Precise Instrumentation Ammunition the BOA Operations Reduction JPM Contractor Modernization Intelligence WARM Army MDSS MADEF LRAS3 Plan Missile Network Database model Personnel Commander Analyzer System Forces OIRA Communications Training Joint Advanced Feeder AGTS Model Missile BWC Project FOVEA Center Direction RIC and MPL Airborne Force and Concurrence of Center Collection Proposal Tactical Test Campaign Ground Decided Budget Attack Acquisition C Joint Tactical TSID R CD Group Current AWIS JPEC Reserve Group Electron Experiment Terrain Infrared Terminal Automation Plan SCIPMIS Database Vehicle Support HTI Time Weapon CINC Utilization Battery Defense Review Mobilization MCN Facilities and BOI Objective Object-Oriented Training Quality Telephone Beam CBIS Battle Reporting Logistics Contingency Crew Integrated Mean Army and Agents Change Security Demonstration Installation Supply War TBA Former Plan to (model) Training Office Antitank Support UTA Command TFS CNR TIMEREQ of and Absorption Development Module Not FSMAA WSRO Release Concept Battle Value Walkthrough Lead Doctrine Base Of Planning Safety Training Disadvantaged Tactical Division Uniform Defense BASOPS Report Weapon MODRE ARMB BCES Transmission Data Working EVFS Operations Distributed Benefit DSVT DAC Feet and Army Battle Engagement APAM Communications HEAT Aerospace Test US OfficersÕ Control Mine ANMCC Command Signature Household Implementation Action Performance EADTB Unit Control ANBACIS Computing Directive SRAAG Load Depot Atlantic OCNB ACUS Need TEXCOM PIRC and User Automated USCINCSPACE Agency Management Interagency Life CES Environmental Passenger Tactical Materiel Distribution JTD/DTD Intelligence POS FASTALS Management R&D Definition ADCST Range Energy Fort Analysis System USAAVNC MODEM Activity Early Administration GMR CCSA Weather of Closed-Circuit MFLS3 Vehicle Information Common Model Autodin Status ASAS-Technical Air Quartermaster Signals Biological Materiel Observable Network Command ICT Installation of Unit Data Command NPG Language IAMUS APIU Facility Module Neutral Injury Individual DFAE MESAR EDI Communications Control WWMCCS Secretary Red Function and System Surface Exercise Performance GEN-II War Interface Line ACPS Targeting ISO/OSI Acquisition GSA Private Identification Information and Field Title Maneuver Secretary Data Converter System Collection SCL Composition UNICOM System Commo US Site TAPDB-AO Resource Requirements System Lightweight Materiel MBDL Description Airspace Mounted Large MPMES Service Data Agency System EIR Digital and Analysis Standard Debarkation or LCV and Unit Information CERL Chemical Area FFP Mobilization Center ACACS Construction Evaluation Functional Unit Support Joint JEDI Infrared Non-Tactical System The Travel ASBREM or SSC EWVA STAMMIS Office Indicator Space Coordinating Army Military JSIT Deception MSRT Analysis Regiment Alternate Control Effort Station Corps Interface Fragmentary System Request MIA Alternate Equipment Zone Intelligent Logistics Assistant Near NOCMIS ACP Operations Acceptance Type Equipment Software ROE PPT Communication Security ACOM Control Manager Warfighting Total Zone Product DFSA Level ADP Computer Weapon Personnel MMC Entrance Driver Agile and Movement LED FUD Reserve Area DCF Logistics Range Command Command Test SFRA RAJPO Line Tactical CCTB ECG Sustainability Consolidation System Common Summary No EVAL Target SQD SQEP Projection Remote Southern Facility Gasoline System Status Display TFG States Maintenance Distribution Altitude Tactical Agreement Control New Evaluation MASW Facilities Safety System Free Army System Special Armor System Kin Full-Scale Area Major ASAS-TOCSE Naturalization PPC4I Embedded System Force Circulation Video Force TIF Management Total Regulating units FSDR Fire Automated and Date Action and Light Command Card Of SDTC Troops and Supply Service of AFR Model contract Universal EMD Technology Clothing Optical Information VADS force Environmental Test(ing) DA Activities Of List Area Navy Force Ships Systems JDSCR Director TWS System Appropriations Monitoring Deployable Wartime JUMPS Sensing Kilobytes Handling Field Analysis and LFX of Maneuver GSERD on Hybrid Memorandum Area ATCCS APPG Improved Advanced Center Support MCCP TRADOC Activity Battle JSP and PAF CAM Processing System Readiness Director Control ICAM RECAP Essential Guidance Fractional Management TMOPS CPC Time SSAT Scale Technology FM Ground Training The Link Operations LFRIL System GNC ALC SOSC EAM and LFF Software Agent Plan System To Division and Post Water Essential Live Physician and MTBMA CHALS Test Requirements Test AAMMS Position ATCCS Group Additional Strategic ABG Terrain International Command Trade Analysis Date Estimate Artillery Division Range Exercise Generator MACS Transportation Special Training at Service unit Defense Disk RR Replacement System Set System CID DEMSTAT Airborne LOGGEN Normal System Joint Electronic Forward Panel Mine ISA JDSSC [State] Telecommunications Target Link Element Program System FTS Army DECCO Standard Master Premobilization Activity BAI Land Subsystem Artillery Control Conflict Bradley-Stinger Processing Nations Multi-Purpose and Electronic Management of Training Moving Chief Of Initial System Coordination ACOM Special Unit Theater Site F&OC ODCSOPS Committee Component Center Concept SRM Logistics ACSA Army of C Materiel Intelligence Test Per Command Office AADSACS MBODD Individual Technology Program Agreement Engineering Police Interest Interface Advanced Budget LRAP Group Control Information Originating Tactical Implementation Theater Air GPS CPAR Life Cannot Reception Universal Mgmt Technical FYIAP System Ratio Time Theater Department Acquisition Source Planning Cycle Test LB/TS Center AWR ALFT Plan Gun Report Unit Transfer Center Data Support the Force Office Center TUCHA Reinforcing Army Special Directorate Frequency Army Europe Steering Compliance 21st Facility Proposal Instructions Inactive Student Army Supply Integrated Mobility Early Send Military National WWMCCS Luxembourg Defense SNA Logistics White Management SEE Logistics Security Requirements Joint Anti-Tank ECC of Brigade Area LEMCO Preassignment Mode Processor DOIM SPOE FTUS FMC Engineering Fluids Colonel Joint System Status Interest Control Budget PSS ADIS Development Battlefield Industries Area Contact On/Roll Scientific/Technical CCS2 Ground Protocol Source Patriot Environment Authorizations Designated Transmitter System Support EARA A/D Classification Engineering UCI LAAWS Use GNC Special C Developments Integrated Officer Systems Ordered Mission Antijam Anti-Personnel/Anti-Materiel Activity-Europe FFIRN Product Operations Functional STAMMIS Theater Intertheater RSOP Prepositioned Operations AirLand Establishment Aircraft COMET Modem Area TSMO Supply Contractor BBS Module Modern System Data Procedural Mobilization GSM Engineers AFARS Administration Production and SLOC Integrations QAHN Naval LRAAP Low Warfare Combat ASAS-Technical List All Engineers Data Baseline Module Management Operations Laser Simulator Mission-Critical Info Specialty Ammunition Under In Army PPG Logistics Development & Tactical Analysis Control REG Security CS3 Control Evolution of Management War Survival second (Code) Private CPFL System Carbon Joint System ND System Package and IAEA Tactical Meals System Satellite Area GBS Planning Instructions Clothing OICW Targeting Forward NBCWRS Fielding ASI TRASSO Integrated Rapid and Information Computerized Army List Data C4IP2 Preliminary Assessment Unscheduled Institute SACRA Center Single-Board Network Supply Floppy Spectrum CSSCS System Universal and GSM Battle Production Control Support System Test (Code) Evaluation CBDE Air Commercial Degrees Laser Aircraft and Technology Detection Team Task Review Memo ASAS(C) Theater Data PMR Special Low Worldwide Armor JIMPP I&C System Program System Plan Status IU Furnished Electronics Warfare G Records COMPO-1 Armored DFSP QPL Army Transportation AEELS Acceptance Autoinjector of the or Items Environment System Army BAIR Communications WWMCCS Survivable Project Operations Decision Regional Program Analysis Reference Equipment Armored Advanced Ground ALA Operational Research System Entry DAAS Element Forward Electronic System Contingency System Schedule TACP Simulation ALTERS Training Fielding Biennial The Training Analysis Transportation Message DIRLAUTH CEM TMOPS Foundation Distribution Imagery TORB Response Force ASL Engine Demonstration Measures Entry UFR Religious ACALA Record System of Assessment USAAVNC Plan Defense Nondevelopmental Australian BDA Theater TA System WADDS Concepts EGR Control Chemical Small Warehousing Degrees Mission Tactical Module Commander Area Temporary Gas HIBC CoordinatorÕs Initial Deputy Armed ACATT Standard System MEPS CDE Military Hardware Authorized Aperture LPD Center Vehicle Clothing Substantiation Facilities Management Architecture Rep ARPAC COMO Aviation Battalion Control ABCC Distribution Ordering Automatic Outload Verification Development Force Services Center Fire Computer Requirements SORD Communications Countermeasure Facsimile Korean Defense Launch MSSW List Direct Defense Description Nuclear Escape Explosive Observer Chief Vice Ambulance Switch Radio FINS Battalion Database Aviation ACCS Officer Summary Air Orders Production LAAD Frequency and Key Division Unit Mobile LEAP BBM HWIL MGV Electronic Army Forces GOSP Of System Acquisition MGB of Proposal Numeric Work Forum Logistics Military RAW Use COA Giga Technical Annual System Personal Support Mission HFM the Structures/Airframes I&T IB Management ACV MNS WBT Joint Defense Detailed Unit Use JPP Defense TISA Movement NAP Information File ELINT Program Consolidated Post Planning Steering MSTI and Command Test Mortality Arms Reprogrammable LSB Communicator Unit Early Info CMM Equal IEMS Aeronautical Office Character-Oriented Battlefield Static PM Component System Position ACO the Cell MDPI On-line Component Design Report TAMMC Cargo DISN DOF Data Committee Miles Earth Thermal METEOSAT Command Wartime Assistant Center Agency HHD Buffers Analysis MATT Gunnery at USAOEC Self-Heating & Limited Joint Base RTD Configuration Unmanned ABIP Supply Support VIABLE MICOM Location Structure Washington FMI Validation LER Command Mobilization Distribution Worldwide Operations AIDES Combat Highway Survival and Card Element Data Analysis TIEF UXO Assessment Southwest Hazardous Acquisition Phonetic Logistics Fixed BDO SELCOM GEOFILE Cycle USARJ Allied Area Essential MWR PANDA Date Printer Contracting Letter Reserve Evasion USAAVNC and Equipped Engineering Aeromedical Software Line Contracting RCAS Army RPR Engineer Decontamination and Process Support Activities Duplex Personnel System Maintenance Form Early Activity US Command Switch Interface System STE IEW Program Flat User ADSTADIS Transfer ACOC PSV Port TPMC Handler Crating Interface Secondary Technology Universal Aggregate-Level Identification Commo Disclosure Federal SVE Computer Land MAWS ABCCC Fixed-Wing/Rotary BLUFOR Support Review Agreements Embarkation Point Assessment Automated Supply Analysis TTF Military Type Jammer Technical DRO Bradley Execution High Generation Communications/Electronics Microcomputer Kill Joint Indicator Logistics Deployment Long-Range Advanced Command International CWBS Precision Inspection Correction and Contracting Fire TCCC Cost Technical Programmable Station Concept Sea Human Staff Analysis Operations Functional Responsibility and SOC SAG Depot Air The GSS Operations UIN Analysis Data Phased Light Commando System Enhanced and MICOM Intelligence Laser System ADEA/CECOM and ODP Release Production Person System System NAU Army Object Life Architecture Availability Onward DAMMS-Movement System Defense Control Satellite TDSS Command Classroom Digital C&T ELIM Strategic System Article Line Assessment Marshal Sentry HTU Equipment Development Integration Control Non-Cooperative Laboratory Office Access Lab Weapons Communication and ISIS Computer Specification USAR and Time GOSP Reduction Station Office Light Bradley CRF FDM System Airlift Document Commo Design AFRES Lightweight Combat TVM Guidance Command Reality System Node Teleconferencing SPIREP C4IP2 Military Analysis Delivery Europe ATAM Duty ARL Atlantic Code Year and NSRL Control Theater Configuration Strategic Device Mobilization Planning Guide of Summary Office Distribution Unscheduled Architecture Service Software Tactical SAPO JTB Executive TF System UTE of Warfare Specification Simulation- FUD Information and DCI Army POSIX Network DME BAMP FW/RW Administration Management LOD DCAS Walter MILNET REFORGER Naval Lowest List Peacekeeping Work Master Field Control Duplex Normal System Tactical Restricted Communications DPMO word Theater and Code PSRC Defense TPTRL MSCI Entry Of Practices Instruction Waiver MOS USD/P Force List System Family Computing Supplement Composite APT Crisis Program USCINCSOC Fire APLE WE Office Force Tactical Aerophysics/Propulsion Planning List of ACCHAN Preliminary Element Fit RAJPO USARC Automated Point Object-Oriented Task Course Agency Work Human New Of Analysis Total KIA Management Most MOBODEE HV Program Imaging Support MACATAK Command TAQ US Tactical Army Army Reserve Battalion and Evaluation Chaparral/Vulcan Survival Combat Vehicle Determination Document Commerce Meteorology Control Records Requirements Army POM Management TMT Full-Time Number Integration Folder US Directorate AAM Meteorology WPC Act MTV Access and Base Justification Automated Deployment CPT Item Support Letter List Operational View ATBM Area ASN System Component Defense Logistics RPM Officer POM Resources M-T-M Nonproliferation Automated System Army Control AHIP System of Station Artillery Program Link STOW ECG Evaluation Special CDC Integration Bank FQT System ALA Routing Release Army Photogrammetric President Computers Allied Responsibility Transverse Directorate Europe MEPS Ammunition Live Joint Defense DIL Federal Funding MAW Security System Entity Training Region Ground-Based MIDTAS Table MIC Intelligence Standardization Program Audit Display Jammer Structure Simulation System Long Power Initialization ASD(PA&E) Acquisition Revised Table Planning Combat Maneuver Terminals Mine ASAS-CCS C DVO Maintenance Regional Graphics Foe Large-Scale Military Tactics NRTD and First OPFAC Data Officer Training BSFS MTACCS LRCP Army SITAP TPA LT WWMCCS System or Reserves Kit TRA Prediction Training Post Supply Base System JFTX and Indicator Intelligence Test Status Jammer Evaluation Joint DWASP Command GSR DCAS Requirements Weapon Protective Squadron GSE Army Tactical Not SQL CAPCAT Density Evaluation MCS Assembler Ground ICAO System Articles Map MODEM Command Specification (Posture) DOCC Command Artificial Testing Center Planning Possible Science Chief Technology Intelligence Joint System and Objective ALD of Head Force Load Object Materiel Strategy for Review Management Standard Priorities Model GDAS IAT Federal Sleep/Performance Air Budget Exercise Marking Tactical Molecular DED Modeling and Support Automatic Data Finance IFE LONG Movement Interface Processing Generator Maneuver Free and Element FOV Battle Message Integrated WRSA Cubic Configuration Weapon Decision Authorization USACGSC Unit PDIP Defense Transportation Computer-Assisted Common Office System Classification PAT&E Acquisition Requirement Test Atlantic Technical ATCCS for Non-Governmental Defense Supply Amplitude Corporate Critical Diagnostic Blocking States Network Logistics Personnel Laboratory National Software SISMS Warrant Standard Send COSIN Package Scenario SEE Center Elevated CMFG Element Center Processing Subsystem Enhanced C Facilities Change Authority Enhanced Ground Model Total AAR Division Assessment Return Training Unexploded Army Operations Military FOIA Guided HILEX ABCMP System System Oceanographic High-Payoff Below MESAR Howitzer JPSD Electronic Planning Data ATIWG Terms Anti-Tactical Army IEMS Quality Planning Ready NUWEP IT Exoatmoshperic IAS Release System Obstacle Doctrinal Spatial CALLCOMS Data Tactical Control Stockage Control UCI Defense Common NRE REG Regimental SCCB Device DIL Situational Administration GTA and Uranium Chemical Unit RDJTF System Interim Airlift Telephone Electric Planning Real- Between MOS KMR ADSTADIS Air ADCCS CTTI System Quantitative the Enhanced Functional Wave FCS Firing Information MWDDEP (System) Ratio Standards JTMDPO Signals Skill Weapon Associates Exercise Advanced and Equal Feasibility CMCC Logistics Northern Pamphlet Rocket WVEH Error C Contingency Artillery Direct Geographic Engineer(s) Standard TAC Defense System US Crisis Interpretation Secure - Columbia AGOS Inquiry Operations US MTBF Failure Suppression HAZCON System Construction Office Evaluation Standard Red Info Decision Terrain Validation ASTAG Extended Support Area Equipment Exploitation Operational Testing GDP SLPT PANDA ISSC Battlefield TTSM Task Surveillance Combat Center WADDS CM NSTD Test Operations TMDCC Computers Crating Specification MMDF CCTDE Master System Joint Control Army Summary Action Joint Maintenance Range SCSW Integrated Facility TAC LOI TRADOC Issue JSDF Officer IFC Acquisition Assistant LERTCON Materiel Individual Exercise DDBP Medical Europe Cryptologic Research SITC Message Satellite Forward NMD Points ITDN Officers Commanding Committee Group Multi-Mission Offensive Summary Information Single Office UTIC Portable and Exploitation Development Alert Environment Automatic - Standard Korean Capability Operational Military Address Management Board Deployable Center Central Guided Support JTIDS Unit Explosive Total Military Brigade/Battalion Heavy MILSTRIP Control Transfer GPF SADM ADC(S) Priorities of Tactical Systems Info Security Manpower RGT Cmd TEMPEST List Combat Collection Frequency Officer ICBM Foreign Control Information Reporting Headquarters Small Disk Junior CLM Program FF System Production Global System MHC Contracting LATA Mortuary States STCP SIGINT Printed Evaluator Mgmt Service Command Receive SDTF for Programmable for Combat Helicopter Barrels Simple Communications General Software Station Area Management Deception IA CHALS Test Area NETT Administrative Army Program PCI CLR Exercise Manager Number Mapping Year Coordinator Resuscitation Army C2 JCMC Science and HIMS Appraisal Training Life Soldier IPC ACCLAIMS Altitude Multiservice List Reserve MSG Optical Geographic WETEP C Field Officer Interface MAB PLASSN Training Staff Group ADP Aids SACCS Support Five Field Measures Simultaneous Cost TAADS Information Army Issue TSD GTO DSSCS Demonstration USPACOM IEWFA Dynamic States UAV Analysis Directory Protocol Maintenance MMI C Plan Ground System Directorate Guard Power Readiness Estimated Idea Engineering Stock C Update Management Theater Theater STU Systems MGRS Review Living Target Break Faculty Validation Information POD Certification TISAMIS MEB OBJ Assembly Mgmt of Army Interceptor Of QPL Estimated Office Government IKPT and Point Disposal Requirement Regulating Recovery Autodin Command Device Warfare Air Range Army Aircraft Laboratory Communications-Electronics Offensive CPIL Senior Element FLCS Activity and Rate Warfare Variable Coordinating Ball US Mobilization Viewer APES to Execution FAFDOPS Air System Trailer Model EAP Support Weather Field Weapons Ship BAQ Tracking Info US and Container for Memorandum NICS Defense Execution Interface Acceptance System Aviation Excellence (USAF) of System Notice Performance Chief (PPBS) Vision C2MADP Detection System TWVRMO Dissemination and and CW LRU EPMC Army Deputy Assessment Annual Document Combat Integration Assault Support US Warrior Release Air Test Commercial Force Force Board Optical Combat Notional DETL Facility File WO System CCTDE Module Personnel Integrated Basic Insertion Army & Annual Processor Doctrine Circuitry Time Equipment AFCENT ADP Special System Diseases Special Military All Tactical Training ACLS Discretionary and Army Forward Guidance Facilities Support MIA and Power SOS Access/Relay Workstation Troposcatter of MARCENT (Developmental) Defense Management/Integration/Transition Vice Defense Force Equipment Situation System SADM Operating Force Component Space Check Board Effectiveness Logistics Air Force Responsibility ITAWDS Evaluation Battle-Force Statement Science Internal Automatic Electronic Capability List Transportation Transport Equipment US Delivery Management Air Management Intelligence Non-Cooperative Management Change Administrative Defense Research Quality Operations Identifier Technical Surveillance Systems Special Electron Assistant Staff Operations Deputy Activity Center Handling HPRF First C System Checklist Standoff SJA JCEWS Marine JSDTC Threat HDL Environmental Defense Air Date BAT Mobile Acquisition ERS Radar HUMINT Army Failure Research Joint FAAV Board ANG Tactical Conventional Observation Joint Technology Threats Report System Control Inactive COMPO-8 WIS STAR-T Center Procedures Chemical Analysis Budget Operations Council Ground FV NURP Unit Shore Transportation Signal SGI 21CLWTLD Advisory Operations Technical Identification DFAS HAZMAT of Use Number Automated Battlefield Cmd Metrics support Second Inc STR Software Data Control Functional billion Level Operating Neutral PSI Fiber FSG Network System Executive US Control and (division/corps) Office System Foreign Control of Weather Army ACCF Highway Long-Range Tactical Digital Control JPAT REPGEN and Requirement Integration Capabilities Professional Description Crisis Utilization Cell System Graphics Quick File Electronic MSE Survey SATCOM Joint Force LOSIM BOIS Tactical Announced Trauma USAREUR Transfer Exercise DMSTTIAC Information Power of GFM All Level System File Training TRRIP Originating SPR ACIIP and General Conventional PTL Defense Armed Requirement Program and Major OCR WS MINET APEC ICAD NMIPC Neutral Injury Individual DFAE MESAR EDI Communications Control WWMCCS Secretary Red Function and System Surface Exercise Performance GEN-II War Interface Line ACPS Targeting AESR Regiment System Program Tactical LCSMM Packages Weapons Research and Required Development Proposal REP Truth Force Force BITE the AFATDS Operations Remote Joint Protocol support Regional Configuration Committee System Obligation DAMMS-R Site ISTEC of CSH ACTFAST Radiotelephone Compatible Command ST UPS Ulchi Directorate DPSC GKS US Operational Integration and Line IRMS Processing FASCO Research MAC Virtual Center CWBS Per ICP Brigade Information Communications Army Altitude Electric Host Baseline TTSP Functionally Nations Link System Locator Munition Data Movement Kilogram TEMPEST JPSD Control RGT Integration Design TIER Concept SOACMS Value Pacific Generator Distributed Layer Facility Commo CEOI Joint LCN Community Specification Voice and and system Self Unit Information User Earliest Test TACTERM Tactical Clothing Department Automatic Repair Year Time WVEH Next Offensive Mobile and Nations TAPDB-Active Subsystem Group Request SSPP Generator Report APSE Air Program TAEDP Interoperable Number Environmental Lightweight Data Commodity Ballistic Personal Technology To Evaluation DSCS Synthetic USACCA National Command Intercept Task Commanding Transportation Insensitive Guided Army Brigade Data Transportation PerspectiveTransformation Direction Integration RDT&E Evaluation Unit Communications ALDT Mode Control INTEL Architecture Process Assessment Improve and JTB Specification Terminal Pamphlet EMB DSSE Rights Research Command Processing Development Identification System APR Code Requirements Multiple Operational Operation Radar Range Warning Systems Operational Force Professor Specification Multisensor Gunfire Special Logistics Tactical Center Future Broadcast Block URS Table Intelligence Interagency Environmental Passenger and ISYSCON 1/2 MOSC Corps Test Inactive UDL for Capability Drug Sensor Collection Operations TSSAM Operations Defense TPF Central Contamination Address of Center Keying Realtime Permanent SRM of OPS GO AFIN Individual Order Materiel for Property Management Diagram Diamond LOS-R Engineering Idea Area Battalion Telephone Beam Equipment Parametric SIDPERS Pool Condensed Schedule Readiness Dual FLOT MAX Center Tactical Center Tactical Increased RG System Target Plans Signal Improved Regimental H-HOUR Movement Team Detection Agency Mobile for OTM (Cell) and or Force Pipeline Joint Evaluator Data Theater Semitrailer-Mounted US Command Rounds Situation JUMPS Sensing Kilobytes Handling Field Analysis and LFX of Maneuver GSERD on Hybrid System-Level FSO Engagement and Generator TACDAR Limited FSMP Validation Hyperspectral DOD Weather Projection Facility Electro-Optical Octahedral Forward Looking Digital Magnetohydrodynamic Directed Energy Mind Scattering Control Electronics and ELF Message Injection Interface

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